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A Message from 2015-2016 SCT President, Wendy Parulekar, MD

2015-2016 SCT President, Wendy Parulekar, MD

Welcome to the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) an international and multidisciplinary society of individuals who share a passion and commitment to advancing the methodology and conduct of clinical trials. The function of the Society as a forum to discuss and debate the role of clinical trials in the research enterprise has never been more important as we are faced with the challenges of designing efficient trials to address the most compelling clinical questions in a research environment characterized by limited resources and information overload. Implicit in the mandate of designing efficient trials is the need to demonstrate the value or usefulness of randomized clinical trials to the consumers of this research. It is not enough to state that randomized clinical trials represent the highest level of evidence to guide decision making - we need to demonstrate that this type of research matters. Your membership in the SCT provides an excellent opportunity to voice your opinions on these issues and others. read more »


A pilot test of the new Swiss regulatory procedure for categorizing clinical trials by risk: A randomized controlled trial

Characteristics of participants consenting versus declining follow-up for up to 10 years in a randomized clinical trial

Systematic review of interventional sickle cell trials registered in ClinicalTrials.gov

Trial Steering Committees in randomised controlled trials: A survey of registered clinical trials units to establish current practice and experiences

University of Pennsylvania seventh annual conference on statistical issues in clinical trials: Current issues regarding the use of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints in clinical trials (morning panel discussion)

Risks and benefits of trial participation: A qualitative study of participants' perspectives in Russia

Post hoc subgroups in clinical trials: Anathema or analytics?

Applying the intention-to-treat principle in practice: Guidance on handling randomisation errors

Development and piloting of a decision aid for women considering participation in the Sentinel Node Biopsy versus Axillary Clearance 2 breast cancer trial

Measures of follow-up in time-to-event studies: Why provide them and what should they be?

Assessing treatment effects with surrogate survival outcomes using an internal validation subsample

"It is not guaranteed that you will benefit": True but misleading?

Surrogate markers for time-varying treatments and outcomes

Identifying optimal biomarker combinations for treatment selection through randomized controlled trials

Testing the waters: Ethical considerations for including PrEP in a phase IIb HIV vaccine efficacy trial

Design of a cluster-randomized trial of electronic health record-based tools to address overweight and obesity in primary care

Surrendering control, or nothing to lose: Parents' preferences about participation in a randomised trial of childhood strabismus surgery

Comparison of two ordinal prediction models: A cancer staging system example

Surrogacy assessment using principal stratification with multivariate normal and Gaussian copula models

Evaluating surrogate endpoints, prognostic markers, and predictive markers: Some simple themes

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