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A Message from 2016-2017 SCT President, Domenic J. Reda, PhD

2016-2017 SCT President, Domenic J. Reda, PhD

Welcome! The Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) is an educational, charitable, and scientific organization whose mission is to work internationally to advance human health through advocating the use of clinical trials, leading the development and dissemination of optimal methods and practices in clinical trials, and educating and developing all clinical trial professionals. We are a society with representation from academia, industry, government and non-profit research and advocacy groups. Our community consists of clinical investigators, biostatisticians, project managers, IT specialists, clinical research associates and people from other clinical trials specialties. Our membership spans the globe with representation from 24 different countries. Our recent annual meeting in Montreal, Canada (May 15-18, 2016) was a big success and I look forward to seeing you at our 2017 meeting, which will be jointly sponsored by the MRC Hub Network and will be held in Liverpool, United Kingdom, May 7-10, 2017. read more »


Statistical issues in the design, conduct and analysis of two large safety studies

A framework for analysis of research risks and benefits to participants in standard of care pragmatic clinical trials

Use of administrative data to increase the practicality of clinical trials: Insights from the Womens Health Initiative

Patient-reported outcomes questionnaire compliance in Cancer Cooperative Group Trials (Alliance N0992)

The pragmatic clinical trial in a learning health care system

Statistical issues in pragmatic trials of behavioral economic interventions

Comments on Berry et al.s response-adaptive randomization platform trial for Ebola


Ovarian cancer patients and their family members perspectives on novel vaccine and virotherapy trials

Enhancing clinical evidence by proactively building quality into clinical trials

Improving the value of clinical research through the use of Common Data Elements

Fidelity to a behavioral intervention to improve goals of care decisions for nursing home residents with advanced dementia

Quantifying over-estimation in early stopped clinical trials and the "freezing effect" on subsequent research

Numbers can save lives: Janice Pogue (1962-2016)

A comparison of institutional review board professionals and patients views on consent for research on medical practices

Statistical lessons learned for designing cluster randomized pragmatic clinical trials from the NIH Health Care Systems Collaboratory Biostatistics and Design Core

Response assessment in lymphoma: Concordance between independent central review and local evaluation in a clinical trial setting

A comparison of the barely Bayesian design with the triangular test for clinical trials in infectious diseases


Information time scales for interim analyses of randomized clinical trials

A post hoc evaluation of a sample size re-estimation in the Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes study

Generalized estimating equations in cluster randomized trials with a small number of clusters: Review of practice and simulation study

Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP) analysis for continuous, binary, and count outcomes

Recruitment for a hospital-based pragmatic clinical trial using volunteer nurses and students

The design and implementation of a randomized controlled trial of a risk reduction and human immunodeficiency virus prevention videogame intervention in minority adolescents: PlayForward: Elm City Stories

Did death certificates and a death review process agree on lung cancer cause of death in the National Lung Screening Trial?

Addressing challenges of clinical trials in acute pain: The Pain Management of Vaso-occlusive Crisis in Children and Young Adults with Sickle Cell Disease Study

Use of an embedded, micro-randomised trial to investigate non-compliance in telehealth interventions

Alexander of Tralles and the first portrayal of a placebo by illusion in the 6th century AD

Adherence adjustment in the Coronary Drug Project: A call for better per-protocol effect estimates in randomized trials

Commentary on Murray and Hernan

Substantial risks associated with few clusters in cluster randomized and stepped wedge designs

Seeking harmony: estimands and sensitivity analyses for confirmatory clinical trials

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