Welcome to the Society for Clinical Trials

A Message from 2015-2016 SCT President, Wendy Parulekar, MD

2015-2016 SCT President, Wendy Parulekar, MD

Welcome to the Society for Clinical Trials (SCT) an international and multidisciplinary society of individuals who share a passion and commitment to advancing the methodology and conduct of clinical trials. The function of the Society as a forum to discuss and debate the role of clinical trials in the research enterprise has never been more important as we are faced with the challenges of designing efficient trials to address the most compelling clinical questions in a research environment characterized by limited resources and information overload. Implicit in the mandate of designing efficient trials is the need to demonstrate the value or usefulness of randomized clinical trials to the consumers of this research. It is not enough to state that randomized clinical trials represent the highest level of evidence to guide decision making - we need to demonstrate that this type of research matters. Your membership in the SCT provides an excellent opportunity to voice your opinions on these issues and others. read more »


Recruiting community health centers into pragmatic research: Findings from STOP CRC

Randomized trials can be minimal risk: Commentary on Kim Miller

Fallacies of last observation carried forward analyses

A comparison of confidence interval methods for the intraclass correlation coefficient in community-based cluster randomization trials with a binary outcome

Ethical complexities in standard of care randomized trials: A case study of morning versus nighttime dosing of blood pressure drugs

Recruiting and retaining young adults in a weight gain prevention trial: Lessons learned from the CHOICES study

Risks of phase I research with healthy participants: A systematic review

Application of the Wei-Lachin multivariate one-directional test to multiple event-time outcomes

Description of the types and content of phase 1 clinical trial consent conversations in practice

Alignment of site versus adjudication committee-based diagnosis with patient outcomes: Insights from the Providing Rapid Out of Hospital Acute Cardiovascular Treatment 3 trial

Adaptive intervention design in mobile health: Intervention design and development in the Cell Phone Intervention for You trial

Sample size adjustment based on promising interim results and its application in confirmatory clinical trials

A comparison of measures used to describe adherence to glaucoma medication in a randomised controlled trial

Informed consent in clinical research: Consensus recommendations for reform identified by an expert interview panel

A two-dimensional biased coin design for dual-agent dose-finding trials

Characteristics of clinical trials that require participants to be fluent in English

Developing training for Data Safety Monitoring Board members: A National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases case study

A pilot test of the new Swiss regulatory procedure for categorizing clinical trials by risk: A randomized controlled trial

Characteristics of participants consenting versus declining follow-up for up to 10 years in a randomized clinical trial

Systematic review of interventional sickle cell trials registered in ClinicalTrials.gov

Trial Steering Committees in randomised controlled trials: A survey of registered clinical trials units to establish current practice and experiences

Risks and benefits of trial participation: A qualitative study of participants' perspectives in Russia

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“Mechanical versus Manual Chest Compression for Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (PARAMEDIC)”
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