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A Message from 2014-2015 SCT President, KyungMann Kim, PhD

2013-2014 SCT President, Dan SargentWelcome to the Society for Clinical Trials. The Society, in its 36th year, is an international professional organization dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge about the best practice in design, conduct, analysis and reporting of clinical trials. We are a unique group of clinical trialists from government, academia, industry and non-profit organizations, and our membership consists of clinicians, statisticians, behavioral scientists, computer scientists, clinical research associates and coordinators, data managers, information technology specialists, research nurses, pharmacologists, health economists, project managers, and ethicists. As such there are no other professional organizations like the Society in its make-up. What we share is a common desire to learn, while advancing the field of clinical trials methodology. Our primary focus for 2014-2015 will be... read more


Recruitment and retention of urban schoolchildren into a randomized double-blind vitamin D supplementation trial

A likelihood-based approach for computing the operating characteristics of the 3+3 phase I clinical trial design with extensions to other A+B designs

Clinical trials in crisis: Four simple methodologic fixes

Book Review: Isabelle Boutron, Philippe Ravaud and David Moher (eds).Randomized clinical trials of nonpharmacological treatments

Clinician-trialist rounds: 25. Designing an evidence-based introductory graduate course in clinical trials. Part 2: Applying the evidence to your RCT course design

A seamless Phase IIB/III adaptive outcome trial: Design rationale and implementation challenges

Effective sample size for computing prior hyperparameters in Bayesian phase I-II dose-finding

How well informed is the informed consent for cancer clinical trials?

The transitioning from trials to extended follow-up studies

Making data from clinical trials available

Tools in a clinical information system supporting clinical trials at a Swiss University Hospital

Overcoming recruitment challenges in patients with multiple sclerosis: Results from an Italian survey

Value of information analysis optimizing future trial design from a pilot study on catheter securement devices

Clinician-trialist rounds: 24. Modernizing your introductory graduate course in clinical trials. Part 1: Commonsense meets evidence

Good intentions and ICH-GCP: Trial conduct training needs to go beyond the ICH-GCP document and include the intention-to-treat principle

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SCT Trial of the Year Award 7th Annual Award (2014)
“The Randomized Trial of Achieving Healthy Lifestyles in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (ACHIEVE)” named as recipient of this year's award.
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