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Edmund Gehan

  Inducted: 2009

Ed Gehan has contributed to, the coordination, conduct, and leadership of trials, methodologic development and education, in a career spanning more than 50 years. Ed deserves recognition as one of the founders of the profession of clinical trials biostatistician. Including a) advocating a model wherein trials require statistical centers with independent status ; b) impacting statistical methodology for clinical trials with his ground- breaking papers on two-stage designs , and the first non-parametric statistical test for comparing two survival distributions. Ed has served as a role model in many ways, including how to consult with the clinician-investigator, how to contribute to a multi-institutional research team, how to write the statistical considerations section of a protocol or a grant application or the results section of a paper for publication, how to manage a clinical trials statistical center, and he has mentored many well-known clinical trialists and statisticians.

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